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Monday, November 5, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

It’s Never About Real Estate

Funny because anymore when I meet folks, I tell them my team and I collect people. Real estate is just a means to do that, it’s like the vehicle. 

This real estate thing has delivered some of the closest and most amazing people to my life. I was reminded of one of the beautiful couples I have met, called friends and felt the impact they’ve had on my life. 

While we are always professional with our clients, we are always moving in a relationship with them. We begin to let them into our world and they let us into theirs. It’s here that these clients become friends and our lives intertwine. 

Today I went to see one of those dear friends that I became close with as I sold their home earlier this year. Having met them a few years ago, I quickly found common ground with them in their faith amid other things. So often when I would meet with them, our conversations would be 10 minutes of real estate and 2 hours of life, politics, the Bible, and so many ...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

The Last Down

Were you watching Saturday as UK scored the game winning touchdown against Missouri? With their backs against the wall, no time left, it all came down to one play. One make or break play. It was all or nothing. And we all watched as this team laid it all on the line and made the play. Deal
or no deal, they pushed through. It was phenomenal. 

As I now sit back and consider what that Kentucky team did. I draw parallels to real estate or even life in general.  The parallels are all around us. So many times people that want to be or are Realtors, people selling or buying homes are like that Kentucky team. Theirs backs are against the wall, they are out of time and all seems hopeless. So with time expired they never make the play. They think the game is over. They go home and think forever about what could have been. 

If only these people could see they are staring at the end zone and all it takes is one more play, one more something. It’s right there in front of ...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

A Whole New Life!

It's true, here at WSG, we work with a lot of folks that are transitioning into a new phase of life and are getting ready to go to into assisted living. I have always felt like we helped these folks with a lot of compassion, trying to imagine, what if it was our family member, that was selling their home and moving into a new place where they knew they needed to be.

It was never easy watching the individuals or the families deal with this delicate issue. However, we found a passion in helping these folks. Again, what if it were our family?

And then it happened. A couple of weeks ago, mine and my husband's last living grandmother made the call to consider an assisted living facility. She decided to place herself and make a difficult decision an easy one for the family. 

Right away I knew the burden she was lifting off of the family to make the decision to go into assisted living. Being from Oldham County, there was only one choice that was going to be for her, The Oaks. ...

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

Clients for Life

Here at WSG we have a tagline that says "Earning Clients for Life." We tell everyone we meet that this is a status we want to earn. 

In all the years we’ve been saying this to folks, I’ve never stopped to ask them what it means to them. Maybe to some it means helping with resources when they need them, maybe to others it’s answering questions about value, to even more it’s about helping them buy and sell again, and yet to others it’s helping their friends and family.  

It wasn’t till our WSG client appreciation event this week that I realized that whatever purpose we serve it’s really about keeping our relationship and the bond we’ve created alive. Ironically we had newer clients in the room who want to learn more about us and then there were those that we helped years and years ago. Regardless of the length of status in the WSG client family, it felt like a reunion and it served as a great reminder that real estate is not ...

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

The difference between girl and boy teenage drivers

For those of you that have teen drivers, you can probably relate. Those of you with little ones, just hold on and don't blink, you'll be here before you know it. You folks know that my youngest, who is our only girl, just turned 16 and got her permit. She's been begging to drive for weeks leading up to the big moment, however we resisted the urge. So I knew that the excitement of driving had been building up like a tidal wave for her. Safe to say, I was kind of dreading the first moment she would get behind the wheel. I mean lets face it the experience I had previously was with my 2 teenage boys and when they drove, you pushed your imaginary brake a lot, screamed slow down all the time and well pretty much held on for dear life. So that was my limited experience of teaching  teenagers to drive. 

With anxiety all over my body, I handed her the keys when she asked to drive on one of our more back roads. I prepared to hold on and probably squinted getting ready for the fl ...

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