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Tuesday, October 30, 2018   /   by Alyssa Rodger

How to “Stage” When Selling Your Home

Buyers these days are growing up with design help from places like HGTV and Pinterest. Through these avenues they have become very style conscious—even on limited budgets. So, when it comes to staging, you want your property to appeal to the masses: neutral and simple over bold and eccentric.  Tip: If a style is more than 10 years old, it is outdated. 

Ficus trees and English ivy.

2018 is all about eco-friendly, healthy, “indoor outdoor” living, and house plants are becoming wildly popular, but those old ficus trees and English ivy pots are only collecting dust and reminding people of their grandma’s house. Alternatives include orchids and succulents, and ficus trees can be replaced with olive and fiddle leaf fig trees.

All oak everything.

While we all love a home that “brings back memories” or provides some sort of sentimental value, unfortunately the oak overload is not making homebuyers remind them of their chi ...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018   /   by Denise Wisdom

The Last Down

Were you watching Saturday as UK scored the game winning touchdown against Missouri? With their backs against the wall, no time left, it all came down to one play. One make or break play. It was all or nothing. And we all watched as this team laid it all on the line and made the play. Deal
or no deal, they pushed through. It was phenomenal. 

As I now sit back and consider what that Kentucky team did. I draw parallels to real estate or even life in general.  The parallels are all around us. So many times people that want to be or are Realtors, people selling or buying homes are like that Kentucky team. Theirs backs are against the wall, they are out of time and all seems hopeless. So with time expired they never make the play. They think the game is over. They go home and think forever about what could have been. 

If only these people could see they are staring at the end zone and all it takes is one more play, one more something. It’s right there in front of ...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018   /   by Drew Wisdom

Whatever It Takes

What is commitment? Lots of definitions…..the most common: doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal long after the feeling that you had when you set it is gone. No matter what piece of life we are talking about the same principle is still there. Whether it is in a relationship, at work, or at home with your children; it touches all phases of our lives. The idea of commitment is one that I believe is now beginning to get watered down.

When you’re committed to an outcome there are no excuses, no stories, no reasons not to achieve it. But if you’re interested in an outcome you will do what’s convenient. You’ll come up with excuses to support your convenience. So, are you committed, or interested?

If commitment means doing whatever it takes to achieve a goal (no matter what that goal is) then why do so many people break their New Year’s resolutions before February? Why do people not complete simple activities at work? Why is it so hard to see y ...

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018   /   by Jordan Gates

A lot of Long, Cold Sits

It’s officially hunting season for Kentucky and Indiana…. Well hunting season officially started several weeks ago but with temperatures in the 90’s and me not wanting to sweat to death high up in a tree it has officially started now that the temperatures are low. Deer are beginning to move more, one deer in particular at my grandparents' farm that I have been chasing after for several years now. We named this buck “High and Tight” for his unmistakable tall and close together antlers. You can spot him from several hundred yards away. His ivory white antlers reach up into the sky higher than any other buck on our farm and most of the time it is just a tease from way too far away, when only binoculars can really get a clear picture of him. I had my first up close encounter with High N Tight last year during muzzleloader season….
I had just gotten all of my camouflage on and was headed out the door with my bow when my grandpa asked me for the third ...

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018   /   by Alyssa Rodger

7 Family Friendly Places in Louisville to Enjoy Fall

Curious where to take the family this fall in Louisville? Here are some of our favorite places that will keep both the children and adults entertained this season:

Harvest Homecoming - Bringing visitors to Southern Indiana for over 50 years, this weeklong festival has something for everyone. From food stations (might I suggest the chicken and dumplings) to beer gardens and all sorts of carnival games and activities in between, you’ll also be able to shop local vendors at their booths.

Foxhollow Farm - Join them for their annual Fall festival where they’ll be activities for all ages, including live music and face painting. 

Jack-o-lantern Spectacular - Always a fan favorite, go check out the walking trail at Iroquois park with over 5,000 uniquely carved pumpkins lighting the way.

Haunted houses - looking for a little more of a scare? Check out one of Louisville’s several haunted houses, which include but are not limited ...

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